2011: The Year Of Creative Destruction

I made the bold prediction almost a year ago today that Hispanic marketing was in for big changes in 2011. I have to admit I think I will be proven wrong.

I think 2011 will result in even more changes than I boldly forecast last year. I think by the time 2012 rolls around, we’re barely going to recognize the Hispanic marketing space that has seem tremendous growth — more people, more media companies, and more agencies — but changed very little since 2000. Here are my revised, emboldened predictions for Hispanic marketing in 2011:

Prediction #1 The death of the Hispanic advertising agency

2010 was definitely the year of the full-on assault on Hispanic advertising agencies — starting with the Home Depot controversy in April, Crispin Porter’s absorption of Burger King Hispanic in August, and the Association of National Advertisers conference controversy in September. 2011 will no doubt see a continued push by general market agencies into the Hispanic market. Not only will they continue this push by staffing up on Hispanic advertising talent, but also through acquisitions. Read More »