What does it take to market to Hispanics? The question is on the minds of many marketers now that the census results are proving what we all saw coming: Latinos are the fastest-growing ethnic group in the U.S., representing one in six of all Americans today (17 percent), and potentially three in 10 (30 percent) by 2050. But how do you reach them? What’s the playbook?

The playbook, in a sense, is something that my co-columnist Gustavo Razzetti and I have been developing here on the Marketing to Latinos column. But it hasn’t been all that deliberate – not everything we write about is about marketing execution – nor has it developed in a way to have generic value – i.e., marketing advice for any company looking to engage with Latinos. Still, I believe we have identified at least three principles for the general Latino marketing playbook in the post-2.0 era. And I most recently saw these principles at work last week when examining a campaign by none other than the Girl Scouts of the USA, an organization that arose well before the age of big media, let alone the social media revolution.

Read the entire article by Giovanni Rodriguez at Clickz.

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