The question I am most often asked when I travel around the country, from those closest to me as well as people I have just met is, “Arizona? Why would we want to open an office in Phoenix of all places?”

I know they are referring to the anti-Latino sentiment here, and the fact that our current governor makes our entire region look like a buffoon-run state, and I will discuss my personal feelings on this towards the end of this post.

I explain to them that these are the reasons DK is proud to have moved to Phoenix, Arizona:

1. Phoenix is a major Hispanic market.  With approximately 40% of the city Latino, it makes sense for a marketing agency that focuses on the Hispanic community to locate in a large metropolitan area with this demographic makeup.

2. Phoenix, is not saturated with Hispanic agencies.  Unlike many of the other top Hispanic markets such as LA, New York, and Miami, Phoenix is not overloaded with agencies that focus on Hispanic communications.  It turns out there recently was a major Hispanic player in Phoenix that folded in the past few years which has left opportunities for smaller growing companies like DK.

3. Phoenix is conveniently located and beautiful.  We knew we wanted to have our second location in the western region.  The appeal of Phoenix is that it is a very convenient (US Airways and Southwest have hubs here) and cost effective location.  And with the scenic mountains and good climate, it is a wonderful city in which to have the annual company picnic.

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4 thoughts on “Why would a Hispanic Marketing Agency Locate in Phoenix?”
  1. I commend you and your agency for opening a location in Phoenix. That’s precisely what needs to be done for Hispanics to feel their needs are being addressed as well. Kudos.

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