Comprehensive White Paper Explores Who Hispanics Are, What Content Inspires Them, and Why Effectively Reaching Them Can Transform Brands and Businesses

Porter Novelli released the latest issue of its popular Amplify report, “Census: It’s All in the Numbers,” which explores the dramatically increased buying power and influence of the Hispanic market in the U.S., as made clear by the recently released U.S. Census figures.

Examining information such as birth rates and population growth areas, as well as increasing Hispanic proficiency in digital and social media and mobile usage, the report makes a strong case for the business-critical importance of the Hispanic market for sustained growth and brand health. The issue studies the Hispanic impact on food and beverage marketing and health care providers—analyzing how Hispanics balance acculturation while maintaining strong traditions and community ties.

“As the new Census figures reveal, the Hispanic population in the U.S. is now nearly 51 million, one in every six U.S. residents,” said Sonia Sroka, senior vice president, director of Hispanic marketing at Porter Novelli. “That’s a 42 percent increase since the last Census in 2000. And 75 percent of Hispanic adults fall within the powerful 18 to 49 demographic, compared to just 56 percent of non-Hispanics. Brands that don’t engage this market risk severely limiting their own growth. But in this issue of Amplify, we don’t spend too much time on why to engage Hispanics—smart marketers already know why. We explore how to effectively engage them, in particular in the areas of food and beverage marketing and health care.”

With in-depth data on the size and power of the Hispanic market, the report also explores the strong cultural traditions shared by the diverse groups within the market, how digital and mobile technology is being used to strengthen those traditions, and makes specific recommendations on how to create the type of content that sustains the kind of long-term Hispanic engagement that transforms brands and businesses.

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