Hispanic magazines have closed the books on another tough year.  Preliminary estimates from HispanicMagazineMonitor™ show a 6.5% drop in ad pages and a slight 2.5% increase in ad spending for 2010 (all comparisons on a “same-titles” basis).  Total estimated ad revenue for 2010 reached an estimated $176.4 million.

While – overall – the results are disappointing, still they stand in sharp contrast to the dramatic declines in both ad pages (-23.5%) and dollars (-27.1%) suffered by Hispanic magazines in 2009.  By that measure 2010 was a marked improvement over 2009.

Despite overall weakness, some of the larger Hispanic magazines posted encouraging gains.  For example, ad dollars at Latina rose 9.1% and ad pages increased 7.2%.  Two Meredith titles – Ser Padres and Siempre Mujer – also posted strong increases in both ad pages and dollars.  At Ser Padres, ad dollars rose 15.6% and ad pages by 12.7%.  At Siempre Mujer, ad dollars rose 8.5% and ad pages rose by 6.61%.  People en Español – the largest Hispanic magazine with $47.4 million in estimated ad revenue in 2010 – was basically flat in ad pages (-0.07%) but posted a 4.5% increase in ad dollars.

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