Hispanic magazines posted  a 22.4% increase in estimated ad dollars in the January – March, 2013 three month period compared to the same period in 2012 while ad pages were up by 2.0%, according to the most recent estimates from HispanicMagazineMonitor™.

Total ad spending in the first quarter totalled $49.1 million – up from $40.1 million in last year’s first quarter.  Perhaps of most significance, the $49.1 million in measured ad spending represents the highest First Quarter total since measurement of Hispanic magazine ad spending began in 2002 by Media Economics Group.  First quarter spending was higher than the previous first quarter peak of $44.7 million achieved in 2008 prior to the recession.

Top Magazines:


Time’s People en Español led the list of Hispanic magazines in the first quarter with $14.0 million in ad revenue – a 21% increase from previous year.  Vanidades ranked second with $6.5 in revenue (+51%), followed by Latina at third with $5.8 million in ad revenue (+7.0%).

In addition to Vanidades, two other titles from Televisa Publishing ranked in the top 10 among Hispanic magazines: TV y Novelas ranked fourth with $4.7 million (+14%) and Cosmopolitan en Español ranked eighth with $1.9 million in ad revenue (+48%).

Meredith Corporation also accounted for two of the top ten titles: Siempre Mujer ranked sixth with $3.4 million (+25%) and Ser Padres ranked seventh with $2.9 million (+4%).

Hearst’s Cosmopolitan for Latinas which launched and published two issues last year, debuted with a quarterly schedule this year.  It’s Spring, 2013 issue  ranked fifth among all Hispanic magazines in the first quarter with $3.6 million in estimated ad revenue on 55.66 ad pages.

Rounding out the top 10 were Impremedia’s Vista newspaper-inserted magazine with $1.2 million in ad spending (-14%) and TV Notas with $942,710 (-26%).

Top Advertisers, Brands and Categories:


Procter & Gamble again led the list of Hispanic magazine advertisers with $13.2 million in spending during the first quarter.  P&G alone accounted for over one-quarter (26.9%) of all spending in Hispanic magazines and in addition accounted for nine of the ten brands with the most spending in Hispanic magazines.  P&G’s top brands/campaigns ranged from “Have You Tried This Yet?/Ya Probaste Esto?” special advertising section,  cosmetics brands like CoverGirl, hair brands like Clairol, OTC health products brands like Vicks Nyquil/Dayquil, and personal care brands like Crest and Tampax.

Rounding out the top three were two other companies with many personal care related brands: L’Oreal USA with $7.2 million ranked second (+14.7%) and Estee Lauder Companies ranked third with $1.4 million in spending (+2.9%).  Altogether, Procter & Gamble, L’Oreal, and Estee Lauder accounted for nearly half (44.5%) of all spending in Hispanic magazines in the first quarter.

Personal care categories like Cosmetics ($7.8 million), Haircare ($4.3 million), and Skincare/face ($3.3 million) lead Hispanic magazines – not surprising, perhaps,  given the preponderance of women’s titles and other entertainment and general interest magazines with a largely female readership.  The Household supplies category ranked fourth with $3.2 million in spending and a 26% increase.  Food products ranked fifth with $2.7 million in spending (-4.5%).  Auto spending has declined sharply in recent years and in the first quarter ranked ninth with only $1.8 million in spending (-10.5%).


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