Yes, you — if you are a midcareer journalist, member of NAHJ and would like an academic year’s study at Harvard, Stanford or Michigan. In our continuing commitment to support our midcareer members, NAHJ is again matching applicants to mentors who know firsthand how to put a successful application together.

We launched this program last year, and once again, NAHJ past president Cecilia Alvear, a 1989 Nieman fellow herself and chair of the Diversity Group at the Nieman Advisory Board, has graciously and generously agreed to head this initiative.

Through the years several NAHJ members have been awarded these prestigious fellowships.They stand ready to guide this year’s NAHJ applicants through the process. The fellowships allow you to spend an academic year at these centers of higher education and expand your knowledge in ways that will help elevate the level of journalism you practice and give you resources and a professional network to draw upon for the rest of your career.

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