The shaky economy has resulted in a tightening of purse strings in households nationwide, and the Hispanic population is no exception. Recent research from the global research company Mintel found that in the past year, the leisure preferences of young Hispanic adults have changed from activities that cost money to lower-cost alternatives to save cash.

Leylha Ahuile, senior multicultural analyst at Mintel observes the following:

“Among Hispanic respondents under 35, the largest net increases in participation in the past year are seen in surfing the Internet, watching movies at home, spending time with family and listening to music. Increases are also seen in cooking for fun and exercising. Each of these activities might be considered a lower-cost alternative to other leisure options.

“More expensive options, like going to the movie theater and attending live concerts, have seen net decreases in participation. In fact, nearly all activities that require admission fees or other discretionary spending, such as traveling, leisure shopping, cultural events and museums have seen lower levels of participation this year compared to last,” Leylha Ahuile continues.

One free or low-cost leisure activity enjoyed by young Hispanic adults is spending time at home. Sixty-seven percent of respondents say they like spending most of their free time at home with members of their family. Meanwhile, 60% take pleasure in entertaining people at home and 33% enjoy cooking dinner at home with friends.

According to Mintel research, many young Hispanic adults also turn to the Internet for entertainment. Twenty-eight percent of those surveyed say the Internet is a way to socialize and meet others, while 34% say that the Internet is their prime source of entertainment.


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