In celebration of Hispanic Heritage Month, it’s worth noting that some of our country’s official commemorative months are titled “History” (i.e. Black History Month) and others “Heritage.”

San Antonio-based Hispanic APR and Author Melissa Vela-Williamson, owner of MVW Communications, shares insights about these nuances in her latest article for PRSA Strategies & Tactics, titled “Clarifying Hispanic Heritage Month.”

“Heritage is about preserving,” writes Vela-Williamson, “while history is more about remembering.”

When observing national months, it’s important to know these distinctions and plan accordingly, depending on your goals, she says.

Vela-Williamson is a specialist in Hispanic public relations and has been a regular contributor to Strategies and Tactics since 2020.

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On October 25th, Vela-Williamson will launch her book, Smart Talk: Public Relations Essentials All Pros Should Know. For more information about her upcoming book and to receive the first chapter, click here.

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