Culturati Research & Consulting, Inc., concentrates in Total Market insights with a specialization in the U.S. Hispanic market, is proud to announce the launch of its monthly Hispanic & General Market Omnibus. This nationally representative custom omnibus was designed to offer more than just fast, cost-efficient answers to business questions; it also provides a General Market benchmark, increasing the value of the resulting insights. This added layer of data allows for an easy and accurate comparison between U.S. Hispanic and General Market consumers, providing a deeper understanding of what the results really uncover.

“Culturati’s omnibus was designed with today’s marketing client in mind, who needs quick, cost-efficient research solutions that help shape their Total Market strategy,” explains Marissa Romero-Martin, Culturati’s founder and CEO. “We believe that following a ’Total Market’ approach does not mean ignoring ethnic groups, rather, it means having the foresight to strategically include segments, like the U.S. Hispanic, that are critical to the success of your initiative from beginning to end. Tools like the Hispanic & General Market Omnibus allow for that easy inclusion in the research stage.”

The omnibus survey will be conducted among 500 consumers each wave, 300 U.S. Hispanics (includes Culturally Hispanic, Bilingual and Culturally American) and 200 General Market consumers. Each wave will be fielded the second week of the month with results delivered the Tuesday after field week. This service includes the fine-tuning and adaptation of questions into Spanish by Culturati’s tenured research team. Additionally, the results include breakouts by acculturation level and standard demographics, at no additional cost.

Culturati is a full-service market research and consulting firm founded in 2004. With headquarters in San Diego, California, Culturati conducts in-person and online qualitative and quantitative research for the nation’s Fortune 100 marketers with a focus on the Total Market and a specialty in the U.S. Hispanic population.