Just 34 of 184 Brands Used Spanish; Latinum Network Offers Some Tips to Reach Latinos Online

U.S. Hispanics are known to be avid consumers of social media, but few marketers are using Spanish-language Facebook fan pages to reach out to them. And marketers that do try to engage Hispanics online often make mistakes, ranging from simply repurposing Spanish-language content from other countries to allowing stale content to remain online indefinitely, according to business network Latinum.

Latinum, which helps brands reach Hispanics, looked at 184 different brands and found that only 34 had any kind of Spanish-language presence on Facebook, said Andy Hasselwander, VP-professional service and product development for Latinum. That’s only 18%, and included Spanish-language pages from other countries, like a Heineken fan page from Mexico.

Read the entire article at Ad Age.

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