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360i recently released a new report, and the first post in a series, about Hispanic Digital Influencers. Here’s a blurb from the post, as well as the key findings. Download the full report using the link above.

Today, we’re launching the first in a series of reports exploring the role social media plays in the lives of Hispanics living in the United States. Reaching and engaging this population has become increasingly important to marketers over the past decade. The growth of this population presents both the promise of reaching a dynamic and engaged audience – armed with ever-increasing purchasing power – and the challenge of understanding the cultural nuances of a demographic with unique digital behaviors.

Key Findings— 360i Report on Hispanic Digital Influencers

  1.  72% of Hispanic digital influencers choose to communicate in English. And, since Hispanic influencers who communicate in English tend to share more promotional content and equity content rather than personal anecdotes (which are favored by those who communicate in Spanish), there is a ripe opportunity for brands to enter conversations in a valuable way.
  2. General population influencers demonstrate more diversity in what motivates the types of content they share. Hispanic Influencers are primarily motivated by shared cultural ties, and they express culture in four distinct ways. It’s important for brands to understand the specific mindset of the influencer they are trying to reach so they can tailor their approach accordingly.
    • Informative Mindset (63% of posts analyzed): to inform/educate readers on their area of expertise (topics: cuisine, child raising techniques, language, etc.)
    • Creative Mindset (23%): Learning through blogging and sharing
    • Personal Mindset (8%): Seeking companionship from readers by detailing their life journeys of assimilation and acculturation
    • Awareness Mindset (6%): Recognize social and cultural challenges breakthroughs and accomplishments, and seek to spread awareness about these issues among the community
  3. Hispanic influencers include photos in 54% of their posts and links in 65% of posts. Brands should keep this in mind, and include such content and assets in their outreach.
    • Roughly 33% of images posted tie back to recipe creations, coinciding the cultural importance of meals to the Hispanic Community.
    • 25% of shared links are promotional, driving back to brand or product websites.

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