Recently, I presented one of the general sessions at the Hispanic Retail 360 Conference. My presentation was titled “The 4C’s of Hispanic Market Retailing.” I listened to two and a half days of interesting market insight presentations focused on the 50 million Hispanic market size, engagement, connection and relevant Hispanic market reach.

On the last day, I looked out at the audience and asked, “Has Hispanic marketing really advanced in the past 20 years? Or, does it feel like we’re in a time warp? And more importantly, are companies really seeing the growth that matters most to their leadership?”

Sure, there are many more internal Hispanic experts inside the walls of corporate America. They all have the deep consumer insights. And, they certainly have the reach vehicles and a myriad of marketing properties from which to choose. And yet, Hispanic marketing spend remains an “expendable” expense representing only 1.2% of the $325 billion spent on advertising.

Read the entire article at Ad Age.

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