Association of Hispanic Advertising Agencies (AHAA) and the U.S. Census Bureau to Co-Host Presentation and Expert Panel Discussion on the Economic Impact of the Hispanic Population

Census Bureau The following is being released by the U.S. Census Bureau:

WHO: The Association of Hispanic Advertising Agencies (AHAA) and The U.S. Census Bureau partner to present an unprecedented discussion of recent Census figures, projected population growth, and the economic and business implications of the nation’s Hispanic population.

WHAT: The 2010 Census:  Beyond the Numeros

The U.S. Census Bureau will share a five-year compilation of the American Community Survey (ACS) along with the most recent 2010 Census data to trace Hispanic population trends and economic shifts.

Dr. Elizabeth M. Grieco
Chief, Foreign-Born Population Branch, Population Division
U.S. Census Bureau

Roberto Ramirez
Chief, Ethnicity and Ancestry Statistics Branch, Population Division
U.S. Census Bureau

Mr. Ramirez will cover the demography, geography, characteristics, and the distribution and movement of Hispanics both nationally and locally, as well as the growth of Hispanic businesses.  Dr. Grieco will examine the impact of immigration on the growth of the Hispanic population and businesses, specifically the changes between 2000 and 2010 in the five largest groups of foreign-born Hispanics.

Following their presentation, a distinguished panel of experts will present their viewpoints on the diversification of consumers and the implications of the nation’s evolving population for businesses and brands.

Dr. Gilberto Cardenas
Assistant Provost, Director of the Institute for Latino Studies & Executive Director, The Inter-University Program for Latino Research (IUPLR)

Charles P. Garcia
Garcia Trujillo

Dr. Lisa Ann Sturtevant
Assistant Research Professor, Center for Regional Analysis, School of Public Policy
George Mason University

Dr. Cardenas will present the findings of his latest research on the cultural aspects and psychographics of Hispanic consumers and the implications of the data for both the private and public markets.  Mr. Garcia will provide a business perspective on the brand loyalty and buying power of Hispanics and the impact on corporate America.  Dr. Sturtevant will outline the contributions of Hispanics in the greater Washington, DC area and their influence on the metro economy.  Using the data from her recent study on Hispanic wages and spending, she’ll highlight meaningful parallels with other areas of the country following the surge in Hispanic population.

Researchers, business executives, media representatives, nonprofit leaders and stakeholders will be gathered for this unprecedented event to exchange their opinions on the future of U.S. business and the economy.

WHEN: June 20, 2011
9:30 a.m. to 12:30 p.m.
9:30 a.m. to 10:30 a.m. Census presentation and Q&A
10:30 a.m. to 11:45 a.m. panel discussion
11:45 a.m. to 12:15 p.m. audience Q&A
12:15 p.m. closing remarks by Dr. Robert M. Groves, Chief, U.S. Census Bureau
WHERE: U.S. Census Bureau Headquarters
Conference Rooms 1-4
4700 Silver Hill Road
Suitland, Maryland 20746

Photo identification is required for admission to the Census Bureau. Foreign nationals must contact the Public Information Office to obtain a special security clearance form. Please allow at least 30 minutes for security check-in, longer for broadcast media with equipment.

All media planning to attend must notify the Public Information Office at 301-763-3030 by 5 p.m. EDT, Thursday, June 16.

CONTACT:  Elinor Kinnier, +1-703-577-8238,

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