AOL Latino’s Miguel Ferrer in La Prensa and Huffington Post: ‘The Hispanic Community Has Many Voices: Are Our Leaders Listening?’

On the eve of the National Association of Latino Elected and Appointed Officials’ (NALEO) 28th Annual Conference in San Antonio, Miguel Ferrer, general manager of AOL Latino, penned a piece in The San Antonio La Prensa that was also posted to The Huffington Post, where he encourages the Hispanic leaders as they begin their work to identify solutions for the many obstacles facing Hispanics and all Americans. Ferrer’s piece highlights a growing Hispanic population that is more active and involved than ever, with a wide range of opinions on critical issues that make this community both one to watch, and listen to.

Here are some excerpts from Ferrer’s commentary:

“There is no “one” Hispanic voice; there are many and they are aggressively expressing this multi-varied identity via online networks. The notion of a monolithic Hispanic “voting block” is thus obsolete and irrelevant. Those who cling to it fail to acknowledge the distributed leadership that was so prevalent during the midterm elections, born in part of the rapid growth of social media and the primacy of online/digital in the lives of Hispanics.”

“Because ‘online’ is where the people are, political and community leaders need to pay attention to this new reality and leverage the potential of this medium — not merely to push out information, but to listen to what our communities have to say. Failure to engage directly with constituencies on their turf and terms is a recipe for collapse of electoral relevancy. The people will find other leaders or simply choose to lead themselves. To fail to understand this medium is to fail to deliver el mensaje.”

To read the rest of Ferrer’s article, “The Hispanic Community Has Many Voices: Are Our Leaders Listening,” please click here.

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