Hispanic Communications Network (HCN)-La Red Hispana, announced the launch of its new programming for 2016. The lineup consists of recognized and influential Hispanic talk radio personalities in arenas of health, finance, psychology and issues relevant to improving quality of life for Spanish-speaking communities.

HCN’s CEO, Alison Rodden, announced that Doctora Isabel, “El Angel de la Radio”, hits the airwaves starting Monday, January 11. The daily live call-in show is slotted to air on La Red Hispana affiliate stations Monday – Friday, 1:00-2:00 PM Eastern and 10:00-11:00AM Pacific. “Doctora Isabel is not only a psychologist; she is a reliable voice for our community. She has the ability to inspire millions of people to make positive changes. We are empowering our radio affiliates to help and support their listeners, increase their audience, and make a significant difference in the community through these new call-in talk shows,” says Rodden.

Dra. Isabel returns to the airwaves via HCN to continue her mission of giving advice to listeners of all ages about domestic violence, family relations, matters of the heart, mental health problems, child safety, education and more. “My purpose is to give heed to callers’ unique needs and teach them to find the power they have within themselves to overcome obstacles,” remarks Dra. Isabel, who has a Doctorate in Education with a specialization in Early & Middle Adolescence. She also holds a postgraduate specialist degree in Psychology, and a Masters in Psychological Diagnosis.

Dra. Isabel is the first installment of HCN’s new call-in talk show programming for the 2016 season. The media company plans to launch additional shows with a growing roster of popular radio experts in health, finance, politics and more. The new schedule expands on HCN’s existing programming serving the Hispanic community, including Bienvenidos a America, which provides callers with free advice on immigration issues. Other programs will be announced in the coming weeks.

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