Back in October 2013, the Hispanic Chamber of E-Commerce launched a private business network in an effort to improve communication among members. The organizations has announced today that the private business network has reached more than 5,000 users in four months, making it one of the fastest growing Hispanic private business networks in the country.

“The Hispanic Chamber of E-Commerce is a social enterprise, using the power of business for social good. Our business model allows us to be financially self-sustaining, providing thousands of business owners a free platform to connect, build business relationships and grow their businesses.” said German M. Bravo, Chief Technology Officer for the Hispanic Chamber of E-Commerce.

The Hispanic Chamber of E-Commerce is committed to family owned businesses, entrepreneurs and professionals. “We truly love small business owners and are passionate for the ongoing success of Hispanic-owned companies, in all industries and across the United States.”, said Tayde Aburto, Founder of the Hispanic Chamber of E-Commerce. “That’s why we make membership, including a full range of basic services, available completely for free. We are the only Hispanic business association of our kind to do this, and it is entirely because of our true zeal for seeing Hispanic businesses thrive on the Internet and in the communities that they serve.”

The Hispanic Chamber of E-Commerce invites you to connect with some of the members of its private business network at Latino iConnect in San Diego on March 5.

Whether a company is already connected to the Web or is just now launching, the Hispanic Chamber of E-Commerce helps family-owned business to expand their focus and increase their influence. One of the goals of the organization is to get more than 100,000 Hispanic family-owned businesses online.

About Hispanic Chamber of E-Commerce

The Hispanic Chamber of E-Commerce is a business to business membership-based business association focused on providing tools and solutions to members to increase their presence online. The Hispanic Chamber of E-Commerce offers Internet marketing services that help you to promote your products/services; build business relationships and collaborate with potential clients via an exclusive social network. For more info, visit

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