With nearly 20% of Hispanic P18-49 television viewing in Spanish today going to cable networks, a consistent shift from broadcast to cable among this key audience segment is underway, according to newly-released research from the Cabletelevision Advertising Bureau (CAB).

To meet the demand for information on rapidly-changing Hispanic media habits, CAB announces the release of The Hispanic Marketer’s Guide To Cable: 2011 Upfront Edition.

Here are just a few key concepts this new reference illustrates:

  • With fast-growing penetration of cable/satellite, DVRs, and multiple TV sets in homes, Hispanics have access to more viewing options than ever before. Today, the vast majority of Hispanic households — 85% — have cable or satellite. DVR households have more than doubled in the last 3 years. And households with at least 4 TV sets are growing fast, representing a third of Hispanic homes.
  • With access to more channels, plus increased ability to watch alone, Hispanic viewing is becoming more individualized. When Hispanics have more than one set in the home, their capacity for solo viewing increases and they are choosing cable more frequently.
  • Hispanic viewing continues to trend toward cable. Cable is playing an increasingly important role within Hispanic households, as more and more viewing shifts toward the targeted offerings of cable. Looking at just Spanish Broadcast and Cable alone, 20-25% of viewing in key Hispanic demos is now going to Spanish Cable. And in an apples-to-apples comparison of viewers with access to cable or satellite, Spanish Cable’s reach and frequency levels are catching up to Spanish Broadcast’s in key weekend dayparts. Additionally, mainstream cable networks are collectively matching or beating aggregated shares for the traditional Spanish broadcast networks – most dramatically among younger viewers.

Hispanic Marketers’ Guide to Cable is the essential tool for understanding how Hispanics are watching TV today, as well as a must-have planning resource that includes profiles of Hispanic-targeted nets. For executives looking to stay abreast of trends and make informed decisions, this product definitively shows how cable can help them reach their marketing goals.

To order copies, please visit www.thecab.tv or email nancyl@cabletvadbureau.com or cynthiap@cabletvadbureau.com.

SOURCE Cabletelevision Advertising Bureau (CAB)

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