This week’s Hispanic PR Blog interview is with Hispanic blogger Teresa Carbajal Ravet who through her Sententia Vera blog focuses on US mainstream society, questioning and curious about foreign language acquisition and multiculturalism.

Hispanic PR Blog: Tell us about your self, any relevant journalism experience you have and why you started your blog?

Teresa Carbajal Ravet: Born in Monterrey, Mexico and raised on the border in El Paso, TX, I grew up bicultural and bilingual struggling to find a public identity that would accept both cultures and languages to exist as one. During the school year I lived in the US, while holidays and summer breaks were spent in Mexico. The personal and public conflict with a dual identity sparked my curiosity in self realization and social definition and deepened my determination to make multicultural identities advantageous and acceptable by society at large. I received a BA in Spanish Language and a MA in Modern Languages, specializing in Spanish Literature, from Texas A&M University in College Station, TX. I have devoted my professional career to educating others the Spanish folk soul through the instruction of its language, literature, and culture, and inspire in them the importance and merits of being a world citizen. My blog, Sententia Vera, was a natural extension of the classroom, allowing me to reach a larger and wider audience, connecting them to the Spanish culture through language and literature.

HPRB: Who is the target audience of your blog and what data can you provide us about the size of your audience?

TCR: Sententia Vera’s audience is US mainstream society, questioning and curious about foreign language acquisition and multiculturalism. It includes all ethnicities as the question of identity and culture is fundamental to human development. On an economic level, the increased need to tap into and succeed in the global marketplace has directly affected the interest in foreign language learning, as well as cultural knowledge and experience.

HPRB: What makes your blog unique?

TCR: Sententia Vera is a unique blog because it comes from personal experience and expertise. I have experienced and researched the information shared in the blog. The familiarity with the subject matter is distinctive and genuinely shared with Sententia Vera’s readers.

HPRB: Do you have any accompanying Twitter, Facebook or other social media contact information you would like to share?

TCR: Twitter: tcravet
Facebook: Teresa Carbajal Ravet
LinkedIn: teresacarbajalravet
Facebook Fan Page: Dulce Bread & Book Shop
Twitter: DulceBnB

HPRB: What is your blog’s web address and how frequently do you update your posts?

TCR: is updated on a weekly basis… soon to come on a daily basis.

HPRB: What is the key contact information for you and or your blog?

TCR: Email:

HPRB: What topics are of special interest to your blog and which ones are definitely not?

TCR: Sententia Vera’s topics of interest include Spanish literature and culture, topics on translation & language acquisition, multicultural events, social identity, and community involvement. Topics not of interest include those that are not relevant to the blog’s subject matter.

HPRB: What are the best days and hours to reach you and/or your staff with a specific type of story or interview? What are the worst days/times?

TCR: Best days & times are Monday through Friday, 8 AM to 2 PM.
Difficult days & times are Mon – Fri after 2.30 PM and weekends.

HPRB: What are your policies in terms of accepting press kits, photos and/or multimedia video files?

TCR: Press kits, photos, and multimedia video files relevant to Sententia Vera’s subject matter may be submitted with the ultimate posting discretion of Teresa Carbajal Ravet.

HPRB: Is there anything you would like to add about your blog or about working with you?

TCR: Teresa Carbajal Ravet has ventured into the independent bookselling industry, specializing in multicultural and multilingual literature. As another natural extension of educating and sharing the multicultural experience, Teresa launched an e-bookshop this 2010 year, known as Dulce Bread & Book Shop. In order to provide Sententia Vera readers a source to an abundant treasure of multicultural literature and reference sources, readers can visit to acquire their own golden pieces of cultural treasures!
Currently, Teresa is scouting the Austin, TX area to expand into a larger brick-and-mortar space than the one she presently works out of in Dripping Springs.