Hispanic Blog Profile: Carrie Ferguson Weir and Marta Darby of The Tiki Tiki Blog.

This week’s Hispanic PR Blog interview is with Hispanic PR bloggers Carrie Ferguson Weir and Marta Darby, the dynamic duo behind the Tiki Tiki Blog.  Weir and Darby created the blog for sharing stories about growing up and living Latino in the United States.  “The blog is a “daily fiesta” and its founders encourage contributors to share their stories and videos.” We recently caught up with Carrie.

HPRB: Tell us about your self, any relevant journalism experience you have and why you started your blog?

Carrie Ferguson Weir (CFW): Though, I have a very un-Latina name, I am for sure a Cuban-American raised in Miami among a big, loud tribe of relatives. I currently live in Nashville, where – believe it or not – there is a nice, big group of Cubans. I am a veteran journalist, with nearly 20 years of newsroom experience as beat, general assigment and features writer.
I started blogging at Bilingual in the Boonies in 2006 to keep up with my writing and promote my business, Los Pollitos Dicen (http://www.piopio.biz), after I left daily journalism. The Tiki Tiki Blog, a Latina group blog, launched in May 2009 to create the space for sharing the stories about growing up Latino in the United States.  We think of it as a daily fiesta with friends, and encourage contributors to share their stories and videos on the Tiki Tiki.
My Tiki Tiki partner, Marta Darby, of  My Big Fat Cuban Family, is an artist and graphic designer. She is a homeschooling mother of four children, who often writes about Cuban cooking and design. She lives in Southern California and we first met online.   Read More »