This week’s Hispanic PR Blog interview is with Hispanic Blogger Alex Frias, who provides a destination for the bi-cultural Latino as well as those non-Latinos who enjoy the Latin lifestyle and are looking for a guide to the latest Latin-themed events, news and entertainment in their local city.
Hispanic PR Blog: Tell us about your self, any relevant journalism experience you have and why you started your blog?

Alex Frias: I have over 12 years of experience working in the entertainment business – first in music marketing at a combination of record labels including Atlantic Records and Jive Records, following by a jump to radio at Clear Channel and national rep firm Katz Radio, then a crossover to experiential marketing for Fortune 500 brands like Pepsi, Subaru, BACARDI, Sprint, Kraft, and Heineken.
I’m currently Managing Director at Track Entertainment, an entertainment and lifestyle marketing company that connects brands and consumers through branded entertainment and digital media.
I founded in 2005 after finding myself going to the same place every weekend because A) it was free to get in and B) I had no idea what else was going on that I would have fun at. I’ve always been an early adopter of online media and the Internet in general (let’s just say I vividly remember checking my Prodigy email on my brother’s 1200 baud modem) so when I couldn’t find a good place to go after scouring the Internet I had to do something about it. Ever since that day I’ve put all my resources into pulling together as much relevant and useful content as possible so that our readers can keep up with and know what’s going on in their city.
In addition to, I also oversee Track’s digital division including lifestyle sites and; as well as e-commerce ticketing solutions,, and Track is nocheLatina’s parent company.

HPRB: Who is the target audience of your blog and what data can you provide us about the size of your audience?

AF: NocheLatina targets the “New Generation Latino” – an acculturated 2nd and 3rd generation Latino who consumes mostly English-language. Our primarily age range is 21-34 with a slightly higher female to male skew.
We provide a destination for the bi-cultural Latino as well as those non-Latinos who enjoy the Latin lifestyle and are looking for a guide to the latest Latin-themed events, news and entertainment in their local city.

HPRB: What makes your blog unique?


AF: We have a very unique niche in the market – we are a local events and entertainment guide for U.S. Hispanics.
We try to be broad as possible and cover all aspects of local Latin culture and lifestyle in the different markets across the United States.  We currently cover New York, Los Angeles, San Francisco, Miami, Chicago, Houston, Boston, and Las Vegas markets.
Each market has its own flair – whether it’s more tropical in New York to being more alternative in Los Angeles – and this is evident in our content in these markets.  Our users are able to find out about an event, sign up on a VIP guestlist, or purchase a ticket for tonight’s event right off our website in one quick seamless process.
That local flair combined with our editorial coverage of Latin-skewed pop culture and photo coverage of hyper-local events (hopefully) makes us a compelling destination for Latinos to bookmark us in their browser.

HPRB: Do you have any accompanying Twitter, Facebook or other social media contact information you would like to share?


AF: You can follow us at –

HPRB: What is your blog’s web address and how frequently do you update your posts?

AF: You can check out the site at We update our site several times a day with a combination of original editorial content, new event listings, and fresh photos and videos.

HPRB: What is the key contact information for you and or your blog?

AF: Email is usually the easiest and fastest –


HPRB: What topics are of special interest to your blog and which ones are definitely not?


AF: Our niche and focus is on events, nightlife, celebrity gossip, and Latino pop culture; anything and everything that relates to those topics what would be of interest to us.

HPRB: What are the best days and hours to reach you and/or your staff with a specific type of story or interview?  What are the worst days/times?


AF: Fortunately (or unfortunately) we’re workaholics and always working and checking our email.  Feel free to contact us at anytime.

HPRB: What are your policies in terms of accepting press kits, photos and/or multimedia video files?


AF: All press kits, photos, and multimedia video files matter may be submitted with the ultimate posting discretion on the editorial team for nocheLatina.

HPRB: Is there anything you would like to add about your blog or about working with you?

AF: Our organic relationship with our users, both on a digital level and in a real world event setting, makes us an interesting offering for a brand that is looking to have a digital footprint and leverage more traditional offline assets and experiential marketing tactics. With our digital reach, hyper-local relationships, and event activation experience, we are in a unique position to activate true 360-degree programs.


Let’s figure out how we can help you creatively speak to this hard to reach consumer.

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