Editor’s Note: I’ve been working with AdWords since 1999. While I have no doubts this campaign was successful, I would like know more about the budget of this campaign compared to others in the same category…

In a just released case study, Google highlights the industry-leading marketing campaign to U.S. Hispanics by Acceller, Inc., who used Google Ad Solutions to enhance their efforts. By teaming up with Google, Acceller’s engagement with the Hispanic audience resulted in a 400-percent lift in baseline inquiry rate, according to Google. The culturally appropriate shopping experiences and content programs led to  leads that were three-to-five times better quality than those generated by traditional programs.

“Acceller has become the leader in Hispanic Marketing for TV, Internet, Phone and other digital home services by employing and optimizing Google’s media offerings and insight,” said David Atkins, Acceller’s Chief Marketing Officer. “The results have been dramatic and far exceeded expectations for both ComcastParaTodos.com and TimeWarnerCableParaTodos.com, as well as several other sites.”

Using Google’s platform, Acceller was able to target incremental U.S. Hispanic markets, while offering appropriate shopping experiences and content packages. By using Google’s Insights for Search, Acceller found relevant keywords for the U.S. Hispanic Market. They created unique ad copy, paired with Sitelinks, and maximized click share.

Since the Google Display Network reportedly reaches nine of every 10 U.S. Hispanics, Acceller created a powerful display strategy with contextual targeting and remarketing. They also used geo-targeting to focus media investment in top Hispanic DMAs.

This campaign’s success was in part due to Acceller’s success in the mobile market. Google reports that Hispanics are 32-percent more likely to have a smartphone than the general population, and 93 percent of U.S. Hispanics use mobile phones regularly. They are also 87-percent more likely to own a tablet than the general population. Acceller ran a holistic mobile strategy, using Google Ad Solution’s Call Metrics to track performance, to tap into this previously untended to market.

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