For small businesses and corporate startups, strategic alliances can be essential; by joining together and pooling their resources, smaller companies can make a bigger impact, boosting their market penetration, their exposure, and their ability to meet customer needs. As if to prove this point, the Hispanic Chamber of E-Commerce—which works with numerous small, Hispanic-owned businesses across the United States—has announced a new collaboration with the Puerto Rican Hispanic Chamber of Commerce.

“I had the opportunity to connect with Puerto Rican Hispanic Chamber of Commerce CEO Santos Arroyo at a professional event and we connected immediately after we started discussing the mission of our organizations,” remarks Tayde Aburto, founder of the Hispanic Chamber of E-Commerce. “We found common ground and areas of opportunities. That’s why we have decided to start working together to bring new opportunities to the members of our organizations. We look forward to contributing ideas that can help the members of the PRHCC to grow by using the Internet as a business tool.”

Certainly, the two organizations are alike in their visions. The Hispanic Chamber of E-Commerce focuses on helping small and family-owned businesses develop a name and a presence for themselves on the Internet, and to take advantage of the myriad opportunities that digital marketing and online commerce provide. The PRHCC, meanwhile, was founded in 2000 in Florida’s Broward County, then expanded to Palm Beach County in 2005, all in an effort to keep benefiting and supporting Puerto Rican- and Hispanic-owned businesses in Florida.

Part of the organization’s mission is to promote business opportunities for its members in other Florida counties, as well as across the nation—which is why it has signed on for a strategic alliance with the Hispanic Chamber of E-Commerce.

“The in an effort to continue opening doors of opportunities for our Chamber member’s businesses has partnered with the Hispanic Chamber of E-Commerce to help expand our members marketing reach nationally” said Santos Arroyo, CEO of the Puerto Rican Hispanic Chamber of Commerce.

Aburto says that, for his organization, this alliance presents a great opportunity to connect with family-owned businesses in Florida, to promote its own members to PRHCC’s members, and to cultivate a collaborative relationship beneficial to both organizations.

“We believe in the importance of strategic alliances, and believe that smaller businesses benefit from partnering with organizations that have complimentary visions,” Aburto concludes. “The important thing in these alliances is always to reach an arrangement that is mutually beneficial, and that has certainly happened in this instance.”

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