Moms consider themselves to be the “Chief Health Officers” in the families. There is research everywhere to confirm this notion. We’ve heard it time and time again from the members of our own Moms panel. Moms consider it to be their duty to find the best health and hygiene solutions for their families. They are not only the primary purchasers of these products, but they also influence nearly every brand choice their family makes.

Today’s mom expects brands to market with her rather than to her. She wants to know how a brand can save her time, save her money, or make her job a little easier, among other things. So, it’s no surprise that one area of healthcare marketing that appears to be gaining a lot of ground with this audience is something called “Behavioral Support Programs.” These brand initiatives are designed in many cases to help moms help their families develop better health and hygiene habits.

Aquafresh Puts a Fun Spin on Learning to Brush

Did you know that just 8% of a Mom’s day can affect the success of the other 92% of it? That “8%” comprises two critical times of the day — the hectic morning hours when they have to get the kids ready for the day’s activities, along with the stressful evening hours when they’re getting them ready for bed. As you would expect (especially if you have lived through a few bedtimes with kids), Moms are open to any ideas for making the process go a little more smoothly.

Aquafresh answered the call with the “Great Start, Great Finish” program. The program was designed to make brushing one less thing a mom has to struggle to get the kids to do. It features a website containing oral care information and advice from doctors and parenting experts. Additionally, the program offers users a two-minute downloadable “brushing song” and accompanying free “Time2Brush” mobile app, along with ideas for rewarding kids for developing good brushing habits.

Building Your Own Behavioral Support Program

We have found from our own experience working with clients, marketing everything from dietary supplements to a cold sore medication, that there are four pillars to a good Behavioral Support Program.

1. Education Providing content on your branded website that goes well beyond product information and couponing is critical. For instance, offering tips for building compliance for something as simple as proper tooth brushing can go a long way to building deeper relationships with this audience. Becoming a resource for Moms can create much stronger brand engagement and a reason for the target to repeatedly visit your site.

2. Compliance Tools Tools like coloring books, phone apps, and toys help children embrace the daily routines necessary to maintain a healthy lifestyle. Marketers who invest in these types of initiatives can increase brand awareness and create stronger affinity for their brands.

3. New Products Developing new products with compliance aids built into them can make a routine task easy and fun for kids, and in turn, help them develop better habits. For instance, toothbrushes with timers built into them make it easier for kids to keep track of how long they need to brush. For kids with active lifestyles, brands can look at ways products can be used or consumed on-the-go, easily, and in some cases, without embarrassment.

4. Clearly Demonstrating End Value Illustrating how the action they take now can set the stage for their children to have stronger, healthier futures can be a powerful motivator for Moms. For instance, demonstrating how overcoming an acne problem now can help a child avoid a confidence problem that can have a lasting impact on his or her life is a strong call to action.

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