The 2010 U.S. Census confirmed that the Hispanic population is the fastest growing ethnic segment in the country. Hispanics accounted for more than half of the growth in the U.S. in the past decade, and the Census predicts the group to reach 60 million by 2020. Importantly, the population is no longer confined to a few key markets but has spread to become an important factor in almost every state. This growth begs for more research to be conducted to better understand this marketplace and how to effectively communicate with Latinos about their health and healthcare services.

Phoenix is launching the inaugural wave of its Hispanic Health Measurement Index, which provides a comprehensive review of Hispanic attitudes and behaviors regarding their health and wellness. The research specifically reveals the areas of uniqueness, as the results of the Hispanic population are directly compared to those of non-Hispanics.

Raul Lopez, president of Phoenix’s Multicultural group, explains, “The communications that healthcare organizations are putting in front of Hispanics just aren’t working.” He adds, “After completing several research studies which show the Hispanic population’s critically important and actionable differences in the healthcare space, we saw a real need for quantification and monitoring of these differences so organizations can effectively reach them.”

The Hispanic Health Measurement Index explores the broad landscape of health issues and attitudes. The topics range from beliefs about treating illness to participation in the system to communications and advertising. How do Hispanics utilize the healthcare system differently? How compliant are they with their medications? How do they feel about vaccinations, generics, and health insurance? Do they trust their pharmacist? Answers to these types of questions will help healthcare organizations understand the unique perspectives of the Hispanic population and optimize their communications.

The research offers subscribers very direct, tangible feedback on their marketing, as they have the opportunity to test their proprietary messaging at the end of the survey. Hispanics with specific health conditions can be targeted so the correct audiences are evaluating the effectiveness of current and potential communications.

This syndicated market research is a collaboration between the Healthcare and Multicultural divisions of Phoenix Marketing International. PMI is one of the fastest growing research companies in the U.S.

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