Head Exposed, founded by the Small Business Administration’s 2008 “Young Entrepreneur of the Year” Nelson Nigel, has released the third installment in its series of e-books on procurement, the selling of goods and services to government agencies and major corporate entities. “Women and Minorities Procurement Exposed” will be available through amazon.com, as well as through http://www.womenandminoritiesprocurementopportunities.com.

“Women and minorities, even now, face special challenges, and have specific needs, when it comes to getting a foothold in the business world. Luckily, there are programs to help level the playing field. This book gives them the resources for finding those programs, as well as everything they need to know about navigating the whole process,” says Nigel.

Procurement is a $500 billion a year business. While it pertains to the purchase of high-ticket items like military vehicles, it also includes more everyday, smaller-ticket items such as office supplies and services such as supplying janitorial staff.

After laying the groundwork with these five web sites, Nigel will introduce WWW.PROOKURE.COM in February of 2012. A central database customized according to geographic location, it will serve as a business-to-business listing, connecting vendors and clients — corporate, governmental, and within the construction industry — on a global scale.

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