R&B Foods, Inc., makers of Ragu® and Bertolli®, has named Havas Worldwide Chicago Creative and Digital Agency of Record.

Based on Havas Worldwide Chicago’s successful track record of modernizing iconic American brands, the agency has been chosen by Ragu and Bertolli Italian sauces to tell the brands’ stories. This includes amplifying their heritage of quality and authenticity in order to win back consumers’ hearts and minds and grow the brands’ share of millennial and Hispanic customers.

Havas Worldwide Chicago, whose clients include Citi, Craftsman, Cracker Barrel, DISH, Hefty, Reynolds and Sears, specializes in partnering with brands that maintain a place in American culture and are struggling to connect with emerging consumers (millennials and centennials), or create relevance with the multicultural buyer.

“Since acquiring Ragu and Bertolli* last year, we at R&B Foods have been very excited about the untapped potential of these iconic Italian sauce brands,” said Dan O’Leary, VP of Marketing, R&B Foods. “We’re excited to partner with Havas Worldwide to reinvigorate these beloved sauces by creating engaging connections to the brands for new generations of consumers.”

Havas Worldwide will assume creative stewardship responsibilities for the brand, developing 360-degree integrated campaigns across TV, radio, print, digital, packaging and in-store promotion. The win follows a competitive creative review run by the R&B Foods’ Marketing Team in conjunction with Joanne Davis Consulting, New York.

“Our team couldn’t be more excited and grateful to do what we love and help reinvigorate these iconic heritage sauce brands. There are so many amazing stories waiting to be told about the quality of these delicious sauces and their rich heritage that we are anxious to co-create with the Ragu and Bertolli teams,” said Paul Marobella, Chief Executive Officer, Havas Worldwide Chicago Group.

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