Zebit, a free employee benefit that helps working Americans take control of their everyday financial lives, today announced that Havas Formula, a national public relations agency specializing in PR, social media and experiential marketing, has implemented its free financial wellness benefit. Havas Formula is a subsidiary of one of the world’s largest global communications groups, Havas, and has a client roster that includes Dunkin’ Donuts, Heineken USA, Bugaboo, Justin’s, Schlage and Wonderful Pistachios. With the adoption of Zebit, an in-demand and competitive employer offering, Havas Formula enriches its benefits package with tools designed to help employees take more control of their financial future.

Employers across the globe are turning to financial wellness benefits that go beyond traditional offerings, such as 401(k) plans and EAPs, to stay competitive and fulfill employee expectations. A recent trends study carried out by MetLife found that 62 percent of employees are looking to their employers for more help in achieving financial security through employee benefits.1 By sponsoring the free employee benefit from Zebit, Havas Formula fosters employee well-being with savings and credit safety net packages that include budgeting tools, online education and access to a worry-free and interest-free credit model.

“Day in and day out, our employees tackle strategic marketing programs that move brands forward and to acknowledge this hard work, we want to make sure our talented workforce always feels that their employer is looking after their best interests,” said Michael Olguin, founder and president of Havas Formula. “The millennial generation—which largely makes up the PR workforce—is expecting more from their employers than ever before and we’re proud to add another appealing benefit that gives workers even more access to financial freedom. Havas Formula adopted Zebit because we’re confident in its ability to help employees stretch their paycheck as far as possible.”

Zebit was founded to provide better financial options for working Americans. With Zebit’s interest-free credit model, also known as a ZebitLine, employees can use credit in the Zebit Market, which features thousands of name brand goods at retail prices, to make large or unexpected purchases while paying for them over time without interest or fees. With this, Zebit members can avoid revolving debt and accruing interest associated with credit cards and other financing options. New to Zebit’s financial wellness library is a free Instant Budget app, which automatically creates a customized budget based on income, where someone lives, and the number of people in his or her household.

“Anywhere you look, you’ll find employees who have a strong desire for financial wellness programs that couple education with healthy financing options for large, unexpected or emergency purchases,” said Michael Thiemann, CEO and co-founder at Zebit. “This is where Zebit comes in. Our robust financial wellness benefit increases engagement, productivity and retention in leading organizations—and it is one of the simplest benefits to implement. We applaud Havas Formula for its commitment to bettering their employees’ financial lives through the adoption of Zebit.”

To learn more about Zebit, visit www.zebit.com.

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