Recently I’ve received a string of very negative comments about my 2009 social media song music video: Crazy Little Thing The Web (the number one “social media song” search result on YouTube, by the way).I have no problem with criticism. I read, receive and counsel others on how to confront it daily.

I will admit though that I’m in a bit of a quandary as to whether to allow free-wheeling comments to continue or to turn them off. Although I temporarily turned off the ability to leave comments on the video this morning, the comment feature is back on now. While they were off, I received this lovely note submitted through my Codella Marketing website contact form:

I just had the misfortune of watching this youtube clip, and I believe that you now owe me some form of compensation.

Honestly, it was truly the most painful, irritating thing I have ever witnessed, completely devoid of humour or satire. I can understand him being shocked at finding an alleged ex girlfriend on facebook, but I was flabbergasted by his arrogant laugh. Surely this guy is lucky to have ever had any relationship with any person other than his mother, who no doubt still breast-feeds him.

I notice that you fuckwits have disabled both ratings and comments for your little video nasty? Part of me thinks that maybe you’re not so disconnected with reality after all. Another part of me thinks that you need to stop pretending you know what you’re talking about, and end your lives immediately.

– Richard Hewitt,

I’ve been compared to Rebecca Black and her Friday video. Too bad my song hasn’t benefited from more than 100,000 digital downloads, been ranked #58 on Billboard’s hot 100 list, or been featured on an episode of Glee (see Nor do I have advertising on my YouTube channel like Rebecca Black does to help compensate me.

I’ve received threats.

People have said to never hire me or the good folks who put this video together (MultiMediaWise).

What would you do?

Read the article and give Pete Codella your advice on his website, where this blog originally appeared.

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