Serving as a mentor through an internship program  not only is a good way to pass along expertise to the next generation of PR Pros, its a beneficial, cost-effective way to provide your office with extra support and a fresh perspective. You can invest in our future leadership by working with the Hispanic Association of Colleges and Universities to find a student intern suitable for your organization.

The Hispanic Association of Colleges and Universities (HACU) is accepting applications, and has announced its upcoming deadlines for the HACU National Internship Program. Fall 2011 internship applications are due by June 17. Additional program dates and deadlines for 2011-2012 are now available.

The HACU National Internship Program has placed more than 9,000 students in internships since its inception in 1992. The internships provide talented Hispanic and other minority students with the opportunity to develop their career and professional skills and receive financial support to help motivate them through graduation.

The 2011-12 program dates and application deadlines are as follows:

Fall 2011: Aug. 25 – Dec. 10
Application is now open.
Deadline: June 17, 2011

Spring 2012: Jan. 12 – Apr. 28
Application opens Aug. 1, 2011
Deadline: Nov. 18, 2011

Summer 2012: June 1 – Aug. 11 (Regular dates)
June 18 – Aug. 25 (For students that attend institutions on a quarter calendar)
Application opens Aug. 1, 2011
Early deadline: Sept. 28, 2011*
Regular deadline: March 30, 2012

Fall 2012: Aug. 23 – Dec. 8
Application opens March 1, 2012
Deadline: June 15, 2012

* Early application deadlines for internships that require a security clearance, an extensive interview process or drug testing in order to participate. These internships include corporate positions and positions with U.S. Intelligence Community organizations. Applications not selected for these types of internships are automatically considered for other summer internships available.

For more information about the HACU National Internship Program, contact (202) 467-0893 or email

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