Grupo Gallegos was recognized by the 2013 Jay Chiat Awards. The agency won a silver award for its “Bedtime Stories” campaign with the California Milk Processor Board, the state-market trade group that created the original “Got Milk?” campaign.

With already high milk consumption levels among Hispanics, Grupo Gallegos was tasked with how much further they could ‘milk’ the breakfast occasion. The “Bedtime Stories” campaign was intended to revitalize an entirely new consumption occasion: bedtime, and tap into an old, true, and accepted functional benefit of drinking milk: a glass before bed helps you to sleep better. When you sleep better, you have a more positive outlook. This truth fit perfectly within the brand’s existing Positivity campaign, designed to encourage people to view life with the glass half-full.

Having identified the functional benefit of sounder sleep, the agency additionally linked the bedtime occasion to an emotional benefit. They found that due to the busy lives of Latino families, moments like bedtime become a savored pause in the day for parents to spend time with their kids.

“Connecting the functional benefit of sounder sleep with the emotional benefit of family time created a strong foundation for this campaign to come to life creatively,” said Andrew Delbridge, Chief Strategy and Engagement Officer at Grupo Gallegos. “From those insights, we fashioned the perfect excuse for a glass of milk: a story before bed.”

In Latin America, TV segments are commonly used to remind children when it is bedtime. Based on this, Grupo Gallegos developed the animated video “It’s Time to Go to Bed,” produced by the visual studio Flamboyant Paradise. The agency also created a series of original bilingual bedtime storybooks that integrated milk consumption into the story. Aligning with Hispanic moms’ nightly viewing of their favorite soap-operas, the agency negotiated fixed spots on the two largest Spanish language television networks, Univision and Telemundo, to air the video at 7:30 and 8:00 pm nightly. To leverage moms’ multi-screen viewing habits, the same roadblock strategy was applied across digital and social media.

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