Groupacho, the newest entry into the burgeoning daily deals market, is launching its website today, offering discounts on L.A.’s hottest restaurants, clubs, retail shops, and events. Groupacho will focus on deals that reflect the lifestyle of Latino families in Los Angeles. In its debut week, Groupacho has partnered with La Fonda Restaurant and EZ Lube to showcase the quality and diversity of its deals.
Deal-a-day websites such as Groupacho have changed local advertising, delivering faster results than other marketing methods. Retailers receive immediate revenue and can see exactly how many customers an offer generates. It’s a new category of commerce that has changed how companies from hair salons to car washes market their products and services.

Groupacho benefits businesses that want to increase their customer base and reach out to the fast growing Hispanic consumer market. In the U.S., the Hispanic population has grown 43% since 2000 to more than 50 million, and Los Angeles boasts the largest Hispanic community in the country. Latinos represent 47.1 percent of the total population in L.A. alone.

Groupacho’s site will launch in English with the aim of reaching a bicultural, bilingual consumer. The company will also be sponsoring kick-off events throughout the metropolitan area in the coming months starting with a launch party at La Fonda on June 25th. Other upcoming events include co-sponsored events with future featured merchants and an appearance at the Columbian Festival on July 17th at the Pico Rivera Sports Arena.

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