Gravity4, the world’s first high-frequency marketing cloud, announced the start of its operations in the U.S. Hispanic market. This global software-advertising company, headquartered in Silicon Valley, is making its innovative, full suite of enterprise applications available to U.S. Hispanic market. These applications will function in integrating Search, Native Advertisement, DSP, DMP, DCO, CRM, E-mail marketing and real-time analysis.

“Gravity4’s offer to brands that want to interact with the U.S. Hispanic market is immense. For members that have many factors in common but at the same time are divided into small groups with their own characteristics, programmatic buying advertising will be key to entering into this market”, said Hernan Rodriguez, Vice President, Latin America and U.S. Hispanics.

In addition to having a diverse group of clients such as Spotify, Levis and Trip Advisor; Google and Facebook are some of Gravity4’s major business partners. “One of the most valuable offers of programmatic media buying is that these companies will receive free access to several of our marketing apps in the cloud,” explained Rodriguez.

The U.S. Hispanic population is the fastest-growing demographic in the digital market. Aside from this growth, the sector has also shown an above average rise in mobile and internet use as well. With an 80% stake in social media and holding 66% of digital advertising interaction, 20% more than any other group, there is evidence that investing in US Hispanic digital advertising will prove a lucrative opportunity.”

The regional office of Gravity4 for U.S. Hispanics is based in Miami, Florida.

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