Salma Hayek and Lili Estefan are among the famous Milk Mustache faces to share personal stories, memories of their childhood, their own parenting philosophy, and how important starting the day with a healthy breakfast is for them and their families

The National Hispanic Milk Mustache campaign is launching an online video series featuring some of its famous Hispanic faces behind the famous Milk Mustache campaign such as actress Salma Hayek and TV personalities Lili Estefan and Barbara Bermudo. This on-going intimate series features past milk champions and consists of 35 brief videos where the celebrities share tips, personal memories and even sometimes moving or humorous anecdotes.

The series will include a variety of topics such as raising bilingual children, childhood memories, tips for raising a healthy family, their definition of success and what being an alumn of the National Hispanic Milk Mustache campaign has meant to them. In one of the videos, Lili Estefan talks about seeing her kids grow and the role she plays in making healthy food choices at every stage of their lives, from babies to the teen years. Now, as her son Lorenzo enters his teen years, Lili meets resistance when she asks about what he ate. “They become a little more rebellious,” she says. “Their personalities start to come out.”

The first video will launch simultaneously with the release of Salma Hayek’s newest got milk? print ad in early May. Hayek first joined the campaign earlier this year to launch The Breakfast Project, making history as the first Milk Mustache celebrity to do TV commercials in both English and Spanish.

Videos will be posted continuously throughout the course of the year and will include videos from new and upcoming Milk Mustache celebrities.

The series features a total of 35 videos that will be available on the Proyecto Desayuno website.


Visitors to start at the project’s Facebook page, where they can join a growing community, share their breakfast stories, or continue through to Proyecto Desayuno digital hub.

This content hub includes a Breakfast Learning Lab that provides a deeper dive into how (and why) to get into a healthy breakfast at home routine – even amidst the typical morning chaos. It also provides a real-time look at America’s mornings, showcasing an ongoing snapshot of our country’s collective a.m. routines. Visitors can also explore recipes and tips from celebrities and top registered dietitians like Su-Nui Escobar, behind-the-scenes videos of celebrity ad shoots, and videos from other moms revealing their morning routines.

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