Gooru, the turnkey, customizable video streaming solution, today announced its platform is now widely available as the first white label streaming service for companies who want to optimize their digital strategy by leveraging and monetizing digital video content. The service first launched in 2014 in Spain for Wouzee, which quickly rose to the country’s leadership position for live streaming, generating enough video content in its first year to play continuously for 20 years. The technology has now evolved into a SaaS, business-to-business solution for content delivery, marking its entry into the U.S. market and establishment as Gooru. With Gooru, companies can live stream events, courses or other broadcasts to deliver real-time experiences while also providing an archive of videos on demand. This capability allows companies to share rich interactions across an organization’s global team or constituents. Companies can now choose brand-owned content delivery through Gooru’s customization capabilities. Gooru also creates a new revenue stream by integrating with commercial ad servers. Organizations already implementing the Gooru platform include Yale University, Banco Santander and Diario Las Américas, among others. “Gooru allows businesses such as media companies, educational institutions, government offices and other information entities to leverage the power of video to engage audiences and monetize content,” said Marcial Cuquerella, CEO and co-founder of Gooru. “The way that videos are typically monetized often comes with limitations to accessibility, look-and-feel, video length, availability, quality, advertising, etc. We eliminate these limitations by allowing companies to customize and own their video sharing experiences.” The Gooru platform is comprised of HTML5 video, a cloud-based management dashboard and mobile app. The video quality available with Gooru is as high as the transmission medium allows, reaching up to high definition (HD). There can be any number of authorized users – managers, journalists, contributors, editors, etc. – allowed to access an account. The implementation process is quick and simple as the platform’s API is compatible with external content management systems. To find out more about customizing streaming with Gooru, visit  

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