The burgeoning social media network offered by Google, Google+, recently rolled out the ability to create a presence for brands and organizations.

As this development gains traction among the public and, by extension, the business community, what does it mean for PR practitioners?

Implementation and Tips

There are a plethora of resources devoted to explaining the intricacies of the technology. Here are some specifics for PR practitioners:

  • The impact of Google’s verification system. While there is a verification system within Google+, it appears that Google has delayed wide rollout of that verification. However, waiting for verification may not be advisable, and it can make sense simply to establish an unofficial presence if only to avoid pranks like this one played on Bank of America.
  • Does your brand have the resource to properly manage Google+? The establishment of a presence on Google+ is the priority. Maximizing it may have to be sacrificed if it doesn’t fit into your strategic plans. Here is a skeletal setup guide from the invaluable Mashable to help you get started.

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