Alma Guajardo-Crossley with Dr. Juan Andrade

Alma Guajardo-Crossley receives the Corporate Visionary Award

The U.S. Hispanic Leadership Institute, one of the most powerful nationally and internationally recognized Latino organizations in the country, will present the “Corporate Visionary Award” to Alma Guajardo-Crossley, Director of Diversity Initiatives for General Motors, tonight during the Corporate and Community Leadership Awards Dinner at the 30th National Conference of the United States Hispanic Leadership Institute being held in Chicago.


“We are pleased to present this award to General Motors for its dedication to diversity and inclusion and for its long history of commitment to investing time, energy and resources towards education and the advancement of the Latinos,” said Dr. Juan Andrade, Jr., President of USHLI. “For years, Alma has championed and expanded GM’s impressive agenda of support for the Hispanic community”.


The award is presented to those who have achieved success as corporate leaders and whose work influences progress and positively impacts Latinos.


“It is an honor to be recognized by USHLI,” said Guajardo-Crossley. “At GM we know that Latinos are critical to our success. We are proud to partner with USHLI in the effort to provide leadership empowerment opportunities to Hispanic youth,” she added.


Alma Guajardo-Crossley was appointed Director for Diversity Initiatives for GM in January of 2011. Since then she has ensured that GM continues to be at the forefront of diversity issues. She joined GM in 1985 as a General Motors Engineering & Management Institute (GMI) co-op student. During her time as a student, Alma gained extensive experience and knowledge in various departments including: Strategic Marketing, Product Planning, Public Relations, and Purchasing. She has 26 years of experience working in Sales and Marketing at GM.

At the National Conference, General Motors announced a partnership with USHLI, the largest cross-generational Hispanic conference in the nation, attracting high school and college students, young and mid-career professionals, and senior citizens. The partnership includes a GM vehicle donation consisting of a 2012 Buick Verano, the luxury brand’s newest sedan, to help raise funds for the institute. The general public will be invited to participate in a raffle for an opportunity to win the car.

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