Multicultural Marketing Resources, Inc. (MMR) announces the addition of Gina Paige, Founder, African Ancestry, Inc. to its Multicultural Speakers Showcase

The Showcase, launched in March 2005, features top multicultural marketing and diversity experts who are available to speak on a wide range of topics at conferences, symposiums, corporate events, training sessions, and other multicultural business and consumer events around the country. View Gina’s speaker profile here.Gina, as the leading Black female authority on DNA-based ancestry tracing, is a highly sought-after public speaker among African-American organizations and allied groups of all sizes that are interested in enhancing their programs, events and other constituent offerings. Whether it’s as keynote speaker, moderator, panelist or emcee, her passion-infused, approachable style captures, educates and uplifts audiences and in many cases, transforms the way people see themselves.

Gina is also a co-founder of African Ancestry, the nation’s leading genetics-based ancestry-tracing company, sparking global interest, dialogue and focus on the importance of knowing who we are. She has traveled the world testing and revealing the African roots of more than 150,000 people, while educating and informing identities. Many of the world’s thought leaders, influencers, celebrities, dignitaries and other icons such as Dr. Henry Louis Gates, Jr., Oprah Winfrey, John Legend, Spike Lee and Condoleezza Rice, have looked to Gina to learn more about their roots.

Gina has also worked with major media companies looking to join the growing trend in genealogy programming.

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