Getty Images, Inc. announced a partnership with MuuseMe to launch a Hispanic music division that will target the quickly growing Hispanic population across the United States, Spain and Latin America.

Getty Images says the partnership is historic in that due to the pervasive segmentation in music preference across the Spanish-speaking world, “no other music library has an offering that encompasses the diverse musical tastes of this population.”

With Spanish-language indie music — a significant and largely unknown super-genre — growing immensely in popularity and penetrating mainstream markets, Getty Images’ expansive Hispanic collection provides a key to creating cohesion in campaigns targeting this coveted consumer market linked by distinct tastes and a common language.

As part of the partnership, MuuseMe will provide 3,000 tracks for license and will augment Getty Images Music’s existing Spanish and Latin American catalog with Spanish-language indie music and indie bands that have Hispanic influences. This impressive offering includes well-known Spanish and Latin American artists who are breaking into the United States market. Additionally, with advertisers accommodating a Hispanic market that is outpacing all other sectors, through this partnership with MuuseMe, Getty Images is perfectly suited to provide trendy, optimized audio results for related campaigns.

“We are thrilled that through our partnership with MuuseMe, Getty Images Music can expand its licensed music offerings to local content creators who service Hispanic programming and advertising, as well as support a universal genre that the Hispanic community at large can relate to,” said Vince Bannon, Vice President of Entertainment Partnerships and Development, Getty Images. “Getty Images Music is committed to providing a diverse music collection, and with the addition of Spanish-language indie music, we are in a position to offer a great solution for higher value licensing to those targeting the Hispanic community.”

“The forward thinking team at Getty Images Music really gets what we’re trying to do here at MuuseMe,” said Rob Filomena, Co-Founder of MuuseMe. “Their international network allows us to offer our content partners multi-platform placement opportunities, and stay at the forefront of an important cultural trend by creating the first ever Spanish-language Indie production library.”

Spanish-language indie music is one of the largest growth areas in music sync placements and represents a wide collection of genres and styles being produced in Latin America, Spain, and the United States. It is emerging as the common denominator in reaching a huge consumer group spanning three continents and is expected to emerge as the defining sound of the Spanish-language mainstream media in the next two to three years. It’s heavily influenced by American and British indie rock, EDM, hip hop and folk music and stands in sharp contrast to the offerings by major record labels from these regions that focus almost exclusively on mainstream Spanish-language pop music, which rely heavily on traditional Spanish and Latin influences.


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