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To ensure that Latino filmmakers have a platform  to network, grow  and promote their work, Jose Marquez, CEO of Latinos in Information Sciences and Technology Association (LISTA), and Lance Robertson, CEO of the Black Latino Council, created  the Georgia Latino Film Festival during Hispanic Heritage Month in 2011.

“Now in our third year our footprint has expanded exponentially,” says Marquez. “We have film submissions from all over the country, Mexico, Columbia, Puerto Rico, Venezuela, Cuba and Santo Domingo and see attendees from all over.”

To kick off this year, the Georgia Latino Film Festival will hold a special edition red carpet event, gathering  the city’s top Latino influencers in journalism, blogging, marketing, technology and entertainment, networking and musical performances. On Friday, the festival will premiere a new movie, “Finding Dad,” a film by E. Vincent Martinez. On Saturday, actor Pepe Serna will be seen in his latest film, “AGuruphobia” and musical performances by Grammy-nominated singer/songwriter Seich and Tito Puente, Jr. and his orchestra, and many more.

For their presenting corporate partners, “We will add 15 seconds in English and Spanish to play throughout the festival and provide them to local mainstream, urban and Latino media with content they can use,” says Robertson. “Plus, we have formed media partnerships so the event will have great coverage and continued growth.”

The Georgia Latino Film Festival provides an opportunity for corporations to target the fastest growing movie-going audience and promote their products and services.

This year’s invited guest as well as their presenters (Mariela Romero, “Vince The Voice” Bailey and Tony Guerrero) will bring even greater media, social media and marketing recognition.

“Local Latino filmmakers and artists that deserve to be better known will have a chance to be spotlighted,” said Jose Marquez, founder/CEO of the Georgia Latino Film Festival. “Through the Georgia Latino Film Festival Student Development Workshops and Programs, we will change the game and give the Georgia film  industry the local talent they need in front of and behind  the camera, while engaging influential thought leaders to give back to the community.”


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