Georgia Census Data

Data for Georgia show that the five most populous incorporated places and their 2010 Census counts are Atlanta, 420,003; Augusta, 200,549; Columbus, 189,885; Savannah, 136,286; and Athens-Clarke County, 116,714. Atlanta grew by 0.8 percent since the 2000 Census. Augusta-Richmond County grew by 0.4 percent, Columbus grew by 1.9 percent, Savannah grew by 3.6 percent, and Athens-Clark County grew by 15.0 percent.

The largest county is Fulton, with a population of 920,581. Its population grew by 12.8 percent since 2000. The other counties in the top five include Gwinnett, with a population of 805,321 (increase of 36.9 percent); DeKalb, 691,893 (increase of 3.9 percent); Cobb, 688,078 (increase of 13.2 percent); and Chatham, 265,128 (increase of 14.3 percent). Read More »