AGANARmedia’s syndicated TV show SuperLatina has been nominated for the EMMY awards for the seventh time.
The “Up Close and Personal with Dr. Deepak Chopra” SuperLatina special will compete in the Interview/Special Series category.
“Almost ten years ago, I quit my news anchor position to start my own media company with a $20,000 loan. Now that SuperLatina is syndicated in cities across the United States and Canada it makes me think that I’m not as crazy as many people thought I was back then. Being an immigrant Latina entrepreneur, it is a great motivation to receive this recognition from my peers in the media industry”, said Gaby Natale, the show’s host and executive producer.
SuperLatina’s renewed focus on long-format interviews has paid off, according to Andres Suarez, CEO of AGANARmedia, the company that owns the rights to SuperLatina.
“This season was a very special one, with a mix of Hispanic and non-Hispanic newsmakers. We’ve seen a huge response, both on TV and online. Our Youtube channels have already surpassed 40 million views!” said Suarez.
The National Academy of Television Arts and Sciences honors creativity and excellence through the renowned EMMY Award, the most prestigious award in television. The 13th Annual Lone Star EMMY Awards gala will be held November 7th in Austin.
For more information about SuperLatina and its parent company, AGANARmedia, please visit and

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