Precision Targeting Pinpoints Hispanic Residents by Country of Origin; An Ideal Media Channel for Distributing Coupons and Product Samples to Promotions-Receptive Latinos

PowerDirect Marketing offers innovative front-door marketing capabilities that help clients engage the culturally-diverse Hispanic marketplace. Recent Hispanic front-door marketing campaigns have been deployed for clients including Clorox, Hillshire Farms and Fingerhut. Front-door marketing represents an uncluttered, highly-visible avenue for message placement – and provides a vast and largely untapped channel for Fortune 500 brands to deliver personalized, special treatment to their target audiences.

Front-door marketing is growing in use based on its ability to reach precisely targeted Hispanic market segments whose country or place of origin (such as Mexico, Puerto Rico or Cuba) typically affects similarities in dialect and cultural traditions. The capacity to distribute motivating incentive promotions (characteristic to front-door campaigns) is a boon to marketers – essential for reaching a value-conscious Hispanic consumer base and amplified by the word-of-mouth communication inherent to many Hispanic communities. These factors are driving marketers to further embrace front-door marketing, engaging Hispanic consumers effectively with targeting and value. Door hangers remain a popular choice, made today in high quality, oversized formats designed to get attention.  Polybags, courier packaging and other creative approaches are also available, including scratch-offs, affixed gift cards, or even sensory options such as sound, scent, or taste.

“While increasing in number, wealth and spending power, many Hispanics tend to live in larger families within close-knit communities, readily sharing product information and brand experiences with friends and family members. At the same time, we’re still in a tough economy. Hispanic consumers along with the general population continue to place importance on getting the most for their money, actively seeking financial and trial incentives like coupons, free product samples and discounts. These factors – coupled with the ability to reach specific Hispanic consumer segments not only in concentrated regions such as California, Florida, Texas and New York but also in relevant neighborhoods across the country – significantly expand the benefits of the front door as a powerful Hispanic marketing and media channel,” said Barry Gilbert, Vice President, Marketing, PowerDirect.

PowerDirect executives will be on hand to discuss front-door marketing opportunities for the Hispanic market at the Hispanic Retail 360 Summit from August 10-12 in San Diego. To schedule an appointment at the show, please contact Shayne Walters at 949-253-4803.

One thought on “Front-Door Marketing Improves Direct Marketing Effectiveness in Reaching Hispanic Populations”
  1. There is no doubt that Front-Door Marketing can improve effectiveness, but the question I have is can it be Cost-Effective? You mentioned that Front-Door Marketing is growing based on targeting specific market segments (Mexican, Cuban, Puerto Rican, etc). What about communities that are more Diverse and may include a mix of segments, are they targeted as one or is a specialist required for each small fraction?

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