For all the benefits of the information technology and communications revolution, there exists a well-known dark side: information overload and its close associate, disruptive technologies. The amount of online content out there is simply too much to handle, and it’s constantly growing. Some people are so afraid of missing something that they feel compelled to stay connected 24/7 and sometimes we can’t tell when to shutdown. The good news is there’s plenty of entrepreneurial energy put toward developing tools that can help eradicate the problem.

In this week’s PRSA “Friday Five” post — an analysis of the week’s biggest public relations and business news and commentary — we explore the concept of information overload and disruptive technologies. We take a closer look at the effect of information overload on consumers’ choices and email marketing. We also look at social media as a possible root cause of information overload, and learn more about how people are spending their time online. Finally, we look at how one company’s successful business model stems from the concept of disruptive technologies.

Read the entire article at PRSAY.

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