On April 16th at 10pm ET/PT, FOX Life, which offers 24 hour of unscripted content, will premiere “Escuela Para Maridos,” an original production of FOX International Channels Latin America. This one-of-a kind series exposes the life of eight marriages experiencing one common problem: the husband. Despite the love they have for their wives they are not willing to change, and the eight husbands have to go to “school” to be evaluated on the negative attitudes affecting the couple.

Renowned sexologist and couples specialist, Alessandra Rampolla, alongside TV personality Alejandro Fantino, guide these couples in an intensive course to find a solution to their problems.

From the hubby known as “the eternal youth” to “the mama’s boy”, “el macho” and “the irresponsible,” each participant is a reflection of those men who have deepened their flaws and disappointed their wives. Week after week, the husbands take classes on different subjects that form the foundation for the couple’s communication including, sex, family and negotiation.

At the end of each episode, all students will be evaluated. Those who do not pass must submit a retrieval.  Those who make it to the “graduation” at the end of the cycle will be awarded with a second honeymoon and recognized as the best student.

Introspective, real, uninhibited and empathetic, “Escuela Para Maridos” is the last hope for the wives to transform their husbands to be the man they once used to be.

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