Fox Networks, which launched a spinoff of the National Geographic Channel last year, is readying a Spanish-language version. In July, Nat Geo Mundo will launch in 4 million-plus U.S. homes.

Spanish versions of the National Geographic Channel have been available in multiple countries for some time. Nat Geo Mundo will include programming from the Latin American version, along with some originals and acquired programs. Among Nat Geo Mundo’s offerings will be a translated version of NGC’s signature “The Dog Whisperer with Cesar Millan.”

Last year, NGC launched Nat Geo Wild as an outlet to offer more traditional National Geographic-style animal and nature programming, given the flagship’s expansion into new genres.

It is a heady time to launch Spanish-language programming; the recent U.S. Census results show a boom in Hispanics. Univision, for one, plans to launch new networks this year, with one possibly carrying all telenovelas, while another could compete with ESPN Deportes and Fox Deportes in sports.

As Hispanic-broadcasting expands into more niche areas, Fox has formed Fox Hispanic Media to oversee Nat Geo Mundo, Fox Deportes and Utilísima, the lifestyle network targeting Hispanic women.

“Nat Geo Mundo will seek to inspire U.S. Latino families in their pursuit of prosperity, by expanding their horizons through entertainment about the world that surrounds them,” stated Hernan Lopez, head of Fox International Channels.

Hispanic networks hope the census results and a population heavy in the coveted 18-to-34 demo will help drive sales.

“Advertisers know it is increasingly crucial to reach this tech-savvy, bicultural Latino community and gain their loyalty,” stated Tom Maney, who will run sales at Fox Hispanic Media. “Our specialized consortium will allow them to target a valuable consumer segment of influencers across multiple platforms and diverse demographic slices.”

Nat Geo Mundo will launch in homes served by Cox, Dish Network and Verizon FiOS.

SOURCE MediaPost

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