FOX Deportes and the National Football League (NFL) are joining forces to bring Super Bowl XLVIII to the network. Under the agreement, FOX Deportes becomes the first U.S. Spanish-language network in NFL history to broadcast a Super Bowl.

The two-year deal kicks off Thanksgiving Day, one of the most anticipated sports days of the year, with extensive coverage of the Packers vs. Lions matchup.

In efforts to continue providing viewers with the best and biggest live events in the country, FOX Deportes is adding Super Bowl XLVIII to its lineup. The collaboration between the two brands increases content and options for a rapidly growing Hispanic football fan base.

Under the deal, FOX Deportes will broadcast a series of NFL games, beginning November 28, 2013 through the 2014 season. The lineup this season includes FOX’s Thanksgiving and postseason games, closing with the biggest game of the year, Super Bowl XLVIII.

The deal expands for the 2014 season to include FOX’s national preseason games, followed by FOX’s Thanksgiving and postseason games. All NFL games on FOX continue to be available in Spanish via SAP (Secondary Audio Program).

Additionally, FOX Deportes will add Impacto NFL, a weekly 30-minute NFL show, produce one-of-a-kind live pregame shows, and air special NFL segments on its leading news program, Central FOX.

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