When it comes to mobile, it’s difficult to judge which agencies are doing it well.

Some clients say it’s best to tap smaller shops for their creativity and agility, as opposed to working with the big boys. Others, like Walmart, are pushing agencies away completely and taking their mobile work in-house instead.

Digiday reached out to brand and agency execs to get a sense of which agencies really “get it” when it comes to mobile. These are the shops that came up repeatedly as strong performers.

When it comes to mobile, DDB’s international offices have been causing a stir. In January its Australia office created an app for McDonald’s Australia called TrackMyMacca, for example. The idea was to show consumers where their food had come from by highlighting its supply chain, and the fact that much of its foods and packaging needs are met domestically. Meanwhile its Barcelona office put out a novel utility-based app for Audi earlier this year, for example, which boosts the performance of users’ smartphones by shutting off apps that aren’t being used. It was designed to reinforce Audi’s “start-stop” technology. “They’re doing the utility piece well,” said one rival agency exec. “That’s really the key when it comes to mobile apps.”


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