These brands and agencies will play a leading role in blogger engagement at Hispanicize 2012
            The magnitude of what Hispanicize 2012 represents for Latino and multicultural bloggers cannot be underestimated. As of this writing, and with two weeks to spare, there are more than 33 major Hispanic brands and multicultural marketing agencies supporting the event as official sponsors. Almost every single brand and agency sponsoring the event this year – and many who are registering as attendees – are treating Hispanicize 2012 as ground zero for scouting the next generation of Latino bloggers for campaigns and brand ambassadorships. (Register at


The roster of companies specifically coming to recruit Latino and multicultural bloggers in some form or another is staggering: Disney Parks, Unilever’s ViveMejor program, BlackBerry, Target, Pampers, Clorox, Walmart, Ford, Southwest Airlines, Sprint, Univision, RadioShack, Chevy, Cricket Wireless, Charmin, Fox Hispanic Media, Visit Orlando, Herbalife, Telemundo and much more.

    Just as important are the leading Hispanic PR and advertising agencies that will converge in Miami to meet and actively recruit bloggers. By my count, between brands that are sponsoring the event and agencies who represent multiple major Hispanic brands, more than 200 Hispanic brands will be roaming the hotel, cinematic events and lavish after parties to build relationships with Latino and multicultural bloggers.

The Secret Recipe

      The event’s secret recipe are the major partnerships that Hispanicize 2012 and Hispanicize digital have secured with its legacy partners the Hispanic Public Relations Association (HPRA) and the Public Relations Society of America (PRSA). What makes the Hispanicize event so unique is that while it has evolved into a veritable “SXSW meets Latino” (we added a Latino film showcase and filmmakers to the event this year), the program began three years ago as THE multicultural trade conference of the public relations industry. Today Hispanicize 2012 is comprised of more than 25 Latino blogger sessions, more than 17 social media sessions, 15 public relations, 17 Hispanic advertising and 13 Latino filmmakers sessions. If you add the film events and after parties there will be more than 85 activities surrounding Hispanicize 2012 and most of them revolve around, you guessed it, bloggers.
    This year’s event is packed with inspired programming, opportunities for cash, blog ambassadorships, VIP treatment, great prizes and just awesome all around fun for Latino and multicultural bloggers alike. Without revealing all the “secrets” things several huge brands are cooking up for bloggers and media here’s a preview of what we think is notable about this year’s event:
  • Blog Ambassadorships and Auditions: Most bloggers aspire to work with brands but for Latino bloggers its always harder to find the brands and the contacts they specifically need to speak with. Hispanicize 2012 is the largest platform bloggers and brands in the Hispanic and multicultural space have to connect. Several major brands, including Fox Hispanic Media, have already disclosed that they will be auditioning bloggers onsite for what will be extended ambassadorships. McDonald’s in particular will be doing a Blogger Yacht Party on Wednesday, April 11 and on April 12 they will actually conduct a session where they will select bloggers to be part of a major sponsored blog marketing initiative.
  • Awesome Entertainment and VIP Treatment: All bloggers will get almost unlimited (and sometimes even exclusive) access to everything that is happening at Hispanicize 2012, including the McDonald’s Blogger Yacht Party that is being coordinated by us with Latina Mom Bloggers, interviews with celebrities near the Red Carpet on the main film night of the first annual National Latino Film Showcase, admission to the retro “Scarface” mansion screening event and much more.
  • Professional development: Bloggers will have the choice of learning best practices from seasoned Latina bloggers during 25 sessions that range widely from mom blogging to how to use Pinterest. The best part for bloggers is that they will also have full access to an additional 65-plus sessions related to everything from Hispanic advertising and PR to filmmaking and even acting.
  • Inspiring Latinovators: Emilio Estefan, Maria Elena Salinas, Dog Whisperer Cesar Millian and Nely Galan will be honored as the inaugural class of Latinovators of Hispanicize 2012. A Latinovator is a Latina or Latino who has become a major crossover success or someone who has achieved something that is inspirational. In separate event-wide interviews each of this year’s Latinovators will delve into what inspires them, how they prepare for success and how they overcome the challenges of life and business.
  • Networking and friends: Great new relationships will be made and existing social media friendships will become more real through Hispanicize 2012. The Web is great for networking but it goes without saying that in person is much better. Equally great for bloggers will be the unmatched opportunity Hispanicize 2012 brings to the table: the chance to meet the Hispanic and multicultural brands and agencies DIRECTLY and in large quantity. We’re the ONLY place that can do that at the scale you will see in Miami (see above).
  • Awesome prizes: At last year’s event a major appliance brand gave away a top of the line refrigerator and washer dryer and iPad 2s were all the rage of multiple giveaways. This year? Even better prizes. If you can believe it, this year’s prizes will include vacation packages, the new iPads and many more surprises everywhere you turn.
Eight months ago when we announced Hispanicize 2012 we said we wanted to utterly blow away what we accomplished in 2011, an event widely credited for creating many of the blogger-brand opportunities and relationships that have resulted in the past year. God willing, in just two weeks, I believe Hispanicize 2012 will once again set the stage for bigger and better opportunities for Hispanic and multicultural bloggers. For bloggers in this niche community, this is your opportunity.

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