Official recognition of the country’s MULTIRACIAL population begins with our first annual Multiracial Heritage Week, June 12 to June 19, 2014. Project RACE is a national non-profit organization that began advocating for multiracial children, teens, adults and our families 24 years ago. We began working on this specific, crucial initiative in March of this year.

Multiracial children are often invisible in America. They are not counted as multiracial or they are not allowed to check more than one race whenever racial and ethnic data are collected, such as on school and medical forms. The Office of Management and Budget (OMB) and U. S. Census Bureau refuse to use the term “multiracial.” Words and names for racial and ethnic groups are important to the self-esteem, history, and future of racial and ethnic diversity in this country. The multiracial population is the fastest growing racial group in the country with over 9 million people, representing over 3% of the population.

A legislative Member’s Resolution has been initiated in CALIFORNIA by The Honorable Adam Gray (D-Merced) and The Honorable Anthony Canella (R-Ceres). They “recognize June 12 through June 19, 2014, as Multiracial Heritage Week and applaud the efforts of all those who encourage recognition of the importance of demographic diversity in California and the invaluable contribution it makes to our State.”

We have obtained proclamations signed by the Governors of the following states: Texas, Georgia, Illinois, and Washington. Our proclamation has been signed by the Mayor of Washington, D.C. and New Jersey’s Governor issued a letter of support.

The week of June 12 to June 19 was chosen for its close association with three other historical and popular events held during the same week: Loving Day (June 12), The Mixed Roots Fest (June 14) and Juneteenth Day (June 19). We are hopeful that Multiracial Heritage Week will be acknowledged as a part of every racial, ethnic, and cultural celebration around the country. Project RACE Teens and Project RACE Kids are holding a Multiracial Heritage Week Celebration BBQ on Monday, June 16 in Atlantic Highland, New Jersey at 7 PM at 8 Hillside Road.


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